Unforgettable Toddler Hit and Run…

19 Oct

Please beware : the video above contains very graphic and brutal images, viewer’s discretion is advised. Only 17 and above

I was so outraged and disturbed after viewing it. Me and my wife cried which we rarely do. This is a depiction of unbelievably evil and selfish today’s society can be. I personally condemned the deeds of both drivers and those by passers who didn’t seek and give any help at all. Feels disappointed of parents of the toddler who apparently felt that seeking money was number one priority. But , feel a bit grateful for the presence of the 58 yrs old trash picker granny who rescued the gravely injured toddler Wang Yue. This video is also a wake up call to us all regarding how cold and sick the society we live in.

After viewing it , please pray for the toddler Wang Yue.


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