AC Adapter of your laptops

24 Oct

Well, my ac adapter laptop has just been damaged. Maybe I dropped it before. So I need to get the new one. You guys can follow my tips:
1. Bring your laptop and the AC adapter (a device for charging the battery of your laptop) to the nearest official service centre according to the brand of your laptop. Why did I choose the official service center? Cause they won’t lie to you. They don’t have to. Hehe

2. The service center will have your laptop and adapter tested using ACDC tester. And they’ll tell you which part needs to be replaced. (In this case, my adapter)

3. They offered 100 USD dollars for the new adapter since they said it’s unfixable. It was very expensive for me, so I opted not to buy from their place and they respect that. They even kindly gave me advice on how to buy the new one: to spot the output rating, as in my adapter (in the picture) , my adapter output rating is 19V 3.95A (needs to be the same for the new one, in order to get your laptop running fine and safe from unnecessary future problems).

4. Go buy the adapter at computer center.

5. If you guys don’t understand, you can put comments below.


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