Domain registration can spark rumors….

23 Dec

As for this case, a new domain registration from Warner Brothers Company of

here’s the scope from Brian Gallagher from :

Warner Bros. has renewed the web domain, which has lead to rumors that the studio may be making a Gremlins 3 sequel. While nothing has been confirmed, a studio insider has reportedly, “heard things” about Gremlins 3 moving forward.

Back in 2007, we reported that Warner Bros. was eyeing a straight-to-DVD Gremlins 3 sequel. We haven’t heard anything regarding Gremlins 3 since then.

The studio has also registered domains for Blade Runner 2, Lost Boys 4, Lethal Weapon 5, Police Academy 8, and The Goonies 2. None of those projects have been moving forward, so it’s possible Warner Bros. is holding onto the domain, just in case.

Gremlins hit theaters in 1984, and spawned the 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch. There has been talk of Gremlins 3 for many years, although nothing has materialized.



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