Mc Donald’s…

17 Feb

A Story of Sharing and True Love (Note: This is not by me, but I heard it at a party)-
One day I decided to go to McDonald’s. There, I saw an old couple sitting at a table with just one hamburger and one drink. I watched from my table and saw that the husband had cut the hamburger in half. He gave one half to his wife and began to eat his half. His wife didn’t eat her hamburger but just sat there and waited. Occasionally, she would take a few sips of the drink, but she never touched the hamburger. I thought to myself, “Oh. They must be poor. That’s why they can only afford one burger.” Out of curiosity, I got up and asked the wife, “Ma’am? Would you like me to buy you another hamburger so that you won’t have to share?” “Oh, no thank you.” She replied with a smile. “My husband and I always share everything.” “Oh. Ok.” I went back and watched them again. The husband kept eating, and the wife still waited there with a few occasional sips. I couldn’t stand it any longer. “Ma’am? Please let me buy you another hamburger. I really don’t mind at all!” She laughed. “It’s alright. My husband and I always share everything.” She said again. “But then why aren’t you eating your half then?” I asked.
She smiled and said, “I’m waiting for the teeth.” :D=D


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