Koleksi Aplikasi Blackberry

2 Jul


addonis http://bit.ly/ota-addonIs
antairsmsfilter http://bit.ly/ota-anta…msfilter
appworld os6 http://bit.ly/ota-appworld
batterybooster 2.3.0 http://bit.ly/ota-battbost
battery ex 2.0 http://bit.ly/ota-battex
bbm http://bit.ly/ota-bbm50149
bbm http://bit.ly/ota-bbm60046
bbmaps http://bit.ly/ota-maps60031
berryannoying 1.6 http://bit.ly/ota-berryannoy
berrybuzz 2.2.11 http://bit.ly/ota-bebuzz2211
berryjoose 1.22 http://bit.ly/ota-bejoose
berrypopup http://bit.ly/ota-bepopup
berryslider 5.03 http://bit.ly/ota-beslider
blackberry protect http://bit.ly/ota-beprotect
blink 6.31 http://bit.ly/ota-blink
chat on facebook 2.0.100 http://bit.ly/ota-chatfb
Chinese Input http://bit.ly/ota-inputchinese
blink 6.31 http://bit.ly/ota-blink
capture it 1.4 http://bit.ly/ota-captureit
Add pin:28c19f37
tulisan coret http://bit.ly/ota-coret update
crunchsms 2.21 http://bit.ly/ota-crunch221
datamonitor 1.81 http://bit.ly/ota-datamonitor
docs2go 2.0005.105 http://bit.ly/ota-docs2go
dropbox http://bit.ly/ota-dropbox
facebook http://on.fb.me/KAPvYX
fanchar 2.4 http://bit.ly/ota-fanchar24
file manager pro 1.6 http://bit.ly/ota-filemanpro
filescout http://bit.ly/ota-fscout2501
google maps 4.52 http://bit.ly/ota-gmaps
google talk 2.5.69 http://bit.ly/ota-gtalk
iblockerpro 4.1.3 http://bit.ly/ota-iblock
image edit 2.02 http://bit.ly/ota-imageedit
info box 1.1 http://bit.ly/ota-infobox
islamic pocked guide http://bit.ly/ota-ipg
launch pad 2 http://bit.ly/ota-launchpad
lockapps 1.1 http://bit.ly/ota-lockapps
magic icon 2.0.2 http://bit.ly/ota-magicicon
memory booster http://bit.ly/ota-membost
menu battery 1.0.1 http://bit.ly/ota-menubatt
message schedule & forwarded http://bit.ly/ota-messschforw
meter berry 2.5 http://bit.ly/ota-


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